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RiIYAN Active was created for you to share your love for casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear. Through you and others in the Active Network we want to inspire and motivate others to live meaningful and fulfilling lifestyles. As an Active member, you're responsible for leading, teaching, and moving people to become the best versions of themselves. This is done through developing a long-lasting relationship by genuinely encouraging your followers, friends, and family to improve their mindset and be Moved by Life. Knowing that a healthy mind leads to a healthy body is a major component in the message we want to spread.

RIYAN Wear with each person in RIYAN Active, will empower those around us to go after their dreams and vision. Let’s awaken others to the realization that they are the author of their own story.

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Designed for Performance.
Inspired by Movement.
Moved by Life.

RIYAN Active is a family of unique individuals that have a passion for leading and inspiring others. It is our mission to make a positive impact on those around us. We all made a choice to live an active, healthy , and sustainable lifestyle and we want to share this mission with the world.

RIYAN Active members are selected on the following criteria:

Passion - Passion to live an active, healthy lifestyle while inspiring others to do the same.

Positivity - Having a positive and upbeat mindset to know any goal is achievable if you can believe it in your mind.

Determination - Determined to not let the daily obstacles of life overthrow or derail you of your goals and dreams. To know there will be days where it's solely the determination that gets you through to win the day.

These pillars are what guide the RIYAN Active network and what we believe in. They are powerful tools and constant reminders in our mission to help others and give back to our communities.

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How it Works

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will be issued a link to create your own dashboard where you will generate your own unique referral link. You can then share the link with your followers, friends, and family. When your link  is used to purchase products from RiIYAN, the purchases are tracked and each RIYAN Active affiliate is then paid accordingly. You can track this information in your dashboard at any time. Payouts are done on the 5th day of every month.


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What is the RIYAN Active Affiliate program?

The program is designed to ultimately help others achieve their life goals. We understand that fitness is a huge component of this. Exercise and diet play such a primary role in helping with self esteem, anxiety, stress, etc. so we want to help others build that solid foundation from within. We hope to inspire collaboration between our network of affiliates to further the ability to help one another live a more positive, healthy and happy life. The program allows the affiliate to increase personal income by recommending RIYAN Wear products. Essentially, you keep being awesome and we will reward you for it! You can also rest assured you are recommending the highest quality apparel products on the market…seriously. Don’t worry about us wanting you to oversell, force others to sell our stuff and so forth. Be honest about what you are wearing and why. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.

What criteria is considered when reviewing a RIYAN Active Affiliate application?

We will review your social media pages and website or blog and consider your response to “Tell us why you want to be part of the Riyan Active Team” question on the online application form. It is extremely important that your social media content and messaging align with authenticity, health, wellness, and trust.  We take ultimate pride in how our brand is represented and how you represent yourself.

What are the best ways to promote my link?

Share your link on social media, your website, and blog pages, in e-newsletters, text messages, emails, – wherever possible. The more people that see your link, the more likely they are to click it, which increases your chances for earning a commission. We will also be sending you ideas and information that you can copy, paste, and post.

Can my unique Link be combined with other promotional offers?

Your link will track any sales made from those that click and purchase.  If a product is on sale or we're running a promotion, you will be commissioned on the sale price of the item.

Do I have to redeem my commission?

Payouts are done monthly on the 5th day. Commissions will be paid out using direct deposit set up at your official RIYAN Wear Affiliate panel.  All commissions are paid with Paypal.

How do people use my Link?

Each time someone clicks your link that person is YOUR customer for 30 days after clicking with your active enrollment in the RIYAN Wear Affiliate program. When that person makes a purchase, you will be credited for that commission immediately. You will be able to access your personal RIYAN Active Affiliate panel to see your clicks, commission, payments, and promotional materials.

How do I know when I am eligible for a commission payout?

We will send this information to you at the same time as payouts, on the 5th day of each month.

Are there any additional tools available to help me promote my code?

Yes. If you have a website, blog, or e-newsletter, digital product banners are available upon request. Please contact us at info@riyanwear.com for more details. We will be in contact through email, phone calls, and social media groups for support and help in social media marketing.

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